Glenn Frey Net Worth

What Is Glenn Frey’s Net Worth?

Glenn Frey’s net worth: $120 Million

Frey died in the year 2016 and was an American songwriter, singer, actor, and musician.

Glenn Frey was the founding member of the band the Eagles and had a net worth of $120 million when he died.

Frey played guitar and keyboard proving that the singer was a multi-instrumentalist. Glenn Frey had co-founded the music band Eagles besides enjoying a solo career.

Frey had won several awards and even got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


-Glenn Frey’s Net worth: $120 Million.

– Full Name: Glenn Frey.

– Date of birth: 6th November 1948.

– Death: 18th Jan 2018

– Gender: Male.

– Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan.

– Height: 1.75 meters.

– Profession: Singer, songwriter, actor, musician, guitarist, and painter.

– Nationality: United States of America.


  • Glenn Frey won many awards making him join the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame.
  • He co-founded the Eagles.
  • Glenn Frey died in the year 2016.
  • His wife inherited his estate in the year 2016.
  • He got married in 1983 to Janie Briggs.
  • In the year 2007, Frey purchased a property worth $10 million.


Glenn Frey was born on 6th November 1948 in Michigan, the United States. By the age of five, he was playing piano and music had become a great part of Frey’s life. Frey later began playing guitar and went ahead and joined other bands while in high school.

He then proceeded to the Oakland Community College and kept playing in other bands. Record deals got signed by Frey with the help of Bob Seger who kept was a great influence on him.

Glenn later continued with his career till the bands moved the singer to Los Angeles where his singing career developed further.

Frey began writing his songs at the age of 19 years following the guidance and influence he had from Seger.


Glenn Frey had started his career in the year 1970 following his connections with the drummer Don Henley. The two started the Eagles together with Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner.

In 1980 the Eagles were disbanded and he embarked on a solo career.


Glenn Frey married Janie Briggs in the year 1983 and divorced in the year 1988. He later married choreographer, Cindy Millican. The two were together till his death in the year 2016. 


His properties are:

  • $14 million property in Brentford.
  • $10 million property purchased in the year 2007.

Glenn Frey’s Most Asked Questions

  1. How did Glenn Frey die?

Glenn Frey suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for years and was prescribed medication that apparently led to severe side-effects including pneumonia and colitis. Frey was supposed to have surgery for his intestinal problems but pneumonia prevented him from having this surgery. He was placed in a medically-induced coma instead and he ended up passing away shortly after.

2. Where is Glenn Frey buried?

Glenn Frey isn’t buried. He was cremated and his ashes were given to his family.

3. Who replaced Glenn Frey in the Eagles?

His son, Deacon Frey.

4. How many times was Glenn Frey married?


5. Where did Glenn Frey live?

Royal Oak, Michigan.

6. Is Glenn Frey’s son touring with the Eagles?

Yes, he tours with the Eagles.

7. Who attended Glenn Frey’s funeral?

Mourned publicly, Don Felder did not attend.

8. Who was Glenn Frey’s first wife?

Janie Beggs.

9. Which songs did Glenn Frey sing?

Wasted time, after the thrill is gone, the victim of love, true love, the girl from yesterday, found somebody, Doolin-dalton, already gone, tequila sunrise, one of these nights, the best of my love, a heartache tonight, witchy woman, seven bridges road, smuggler’s blues, part of me, part of you, the one you love, lover’s moon, desperado, please come home for Christmas, life is a fast lane, take it to limit, the last resort, love will keep us alive, you belong to the city, peaceful easy feeling, I can’t tell you why, take it easy, a new kid in town, the heat is on, lyin’ eyes and hotel California.

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