Shep Rose Net Worth

Shep Rose Net Worth

Shep Rose Net Worth: $4 million

What is Shep Rose net worth?

As of 2022, Shep Rose’s net worth is around $4Million.

Shep Rose is an American T.V. personality born on September 27, 1980, and raised in South Carolina.

His most well-known series includes “Then and Now with Andy Cohen” and “Reprisal,” and he’s also one of the six cast members of the reality show television known as Southern Charm.

He also has a brother, Whitaker, and a sister Katherine. He has been in a relationship with Actress Taylor Ann Green since 2021.

Celebrated Name
Shep Rose
Real Name
William Shepard Rose III
Date of Birth
27 September 1980
41 years old
Marital Status
TV actor
Shep Rose Net Worth
Last updated
January 2022

Early life

Born in 1980, Shep was raised in Hilton and attended the Hilton Head primary school from first grade to ninth grade, after which he went to Episcopal High School, which is a boarding school.

Currently, Shep is a 42 years old man with dark brown hair and brown eyes and appears to be tall with and height of 5feet 9inches and a weight of approximately 78kgs. He’s a healthy young man with a good shape and a body figure measurement of 40-32-33. His shoe size is 11, and his biceps are 13 inches in measurement.

Shep Rose’s father, William Rose, is a lawyer, and his mother, Fran, lives in an exclusive part of South Carolina where they settled when he was just one year old. His paternal grandfather worked in the steel business, where he amassed a lot of wealth enough to set the family for generations to come.


Shep began his university studies and graduated from the University of Georgia. He transferred and advanced his studies at Vanderbilt School of University and Management, where he graduated with an MBA in his late 20s.

He then returned to Hilton Head for around two to three years and worked as a commercial real estate developer around Bluffton and Savanna for one of his father’s friends. This was around 2008 in the middle of the financial crisis, making it harder for people working in the business.

Still, Shep made the most out of it, after which he moved to Charles Town, where he partnered with some of his friends and opened a restaurant known as the Palace Hotel. This restaurant has grown over the years to be one of the most popular destinations on the Eastside.

She also owns a cloth line known as Shep gear which deals in coastal wear and also has featured in one of Bravo’s reality shows known as Southern Charm, which lets its viewers into the secret world of renowned politicians and the southern culture and above unfolding the lives and dramas of several socialites in Charleston, S.C. It’s rumored that he’s paid $25000 per episode.

She has also written several books, the latest being “Average Expectations,” which is a mix of his family secrets, the number of lessons he has learned along the way, and the exploits that have helped him grow into the man he is today.

Personal life

Many people know Shep to be vastly private and rather enigmatic as he doesn’t give out too much on his life, especially on T.V. shows. Nonetheless, Shep is currently dating Taylor Ann Green.

Still, before her, he has also been in several long-term relationships, the most famous being with a college girlfriend, Danni Bair, who also featured on the Southern Charm. He was also linked to a renowned hunky socialite and actress who happens to be his hairdresser, Chelsea Meissner.


Thanks to the reality show, his business success, and his family money, his net worth is approximately $4million. He also owns a magnificent house with a minimalistic theme.

Summary on Shep Rose Net Worth

Shep Rose is a T.V. personality and businessman with an affluent background who is famous for featuring in the Southern Charm reality show. Before featuring on Southern Charm, he was remotely a private person; the show’s directors insisted he had to give his fans something to follow.

For a reality T.V. celebrity, his social media presence has increased, and he has over 40k Facebook fans 120k Twitter followers mostly; he’s fond of Instagram, where he has about 853k followers. 

Facts you should know about Shepard Rose.

  1. Shape has his clothing line.
  2. He earns money for appearing on “Southern Charm.”
  3. Shepard owns a restaurant.
  4. Shepard comes from a wealthy family.
  5. He often partners with companies on his social media platform.
  6. He is an investor in several local bars, including the alley.
  7. If he wants to impress a lady, he will take her to FIG or The Ordinary on their first date.
  8. He usually hangs out at the Isle Palms located in downtown Charleston.

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