Robert Iler Net Worth

Robert Iler Net Worth

Robert Iler Net Worth: $12 Million

Rober Iler is a former actor and a professional poker player who acted in The sopranos as A. J. Soprano.

He had roles in two films, Tadpole in 2002 and Daredevil in 2003. He is also skilled at playing poker and has participated in both official and unsanctioned poker games.

What is the net worth of Robert Iler?

The net worth of Robert Iler is put at 12 million US dollars in 2022. The first season of the sopranos gave him 10,000 dollars per episode. Midway it rose to 85,000 dollars until 150,000 dollars per episode in the last 2 seasons. In total, he was paid $3.15 million throughout the 21 episodes.


Net worth: $12 Million

Full name: Robert Michael Iler

Date of birth: March 2, 1985, 37 years

Gender: Male

Birthplace: New York City, New York

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Profession: Actor

Nationality: American

Key Facts: 

  • The actor was able to gain massive wealth from his role in the sopranos. As the show continued having high ratings the actor’s salary increased.
  • His part in tadpole and daredevil also increased his earnings.
  • He left Hollywood after the show ended but made guest appearances on Law & Order, after that he ended his acting career and started a new career as a poker player.
  • Later on he started a podcast with Jamie –Lynn Sigler .

Early Life:

Little is known about Robert’s life as a child as he keeps his information from the public eye. He was born in New York City to Edward McGreevy and Hellen Iler. He has two siblings, Michael and Brian.


Robert Iler’s professional career started at a young age. He was 6 years old when his manager Jeff Mitchell noticed him.

Iler was hired to appear in a Pizza Hut advert and ended up getting different advertisement roles. The actor also appeared on Saturday night live.

The game show Oz gave him a chance as a contestant. Iler also played Denny Harley in Tic Code.

The TV drama series The sopranos is the most notable show for the actor. He had a role as A. J. Soprano. He also appeared in Larry King Live after the show. He also appeared in the sitcom Four Kings in 2006.

Personal Life:

After the end of The Sopranos, it was reported that Iler was struggling with drug abuse. However, he has been sober since 2013.

In 2001 he was sentenced to 3 years of probation after pleading guilty in a case where two teenagers were robbed. He was also in possession of marijuana.

Before getting sober Iler was involved in gambling, partying, and drugs. He has kept his love life private.


What is Robert Iler’s real name?

Robert Michael Iler

How much is Robert Iler worth?

12 million dollars

Does Robert Iler have siblings?

Yes, he has two siblings (Michael and Brian)

Who did Robert Iler play in the sopranos?

A.J Soprano

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