Ratan Tata Net Worth

Ratan Tata Net Worth

Ratan Tata Net Worth: $ 1 Billion

Annual Salary: 820 Crore +

What is Ratan TataNet Worth?

Ratan Tata Net Worth is $1.75 Billion. Ratan Naval Tata is an Indian businessman and the chairman of Tata Group, a Mumbai-based conglomerate. He has been the chairman of Tata Sons since 1991.


• Net worth: $ 1 Billion

• Full Name: Ratan Naval Tata

• Date of birth: (December 28, 1937, 84 years)

• Gender: Male

• Birth Place: Surat, India

• Height: 1.77MM (5′ 10′)

• Profession: Businessman

• Nationality: Indian

Key Facts:

• He is also a member of the governing boards of various Tata group companies.

• He makes 820 Crore per year. He owns real estate worth Rs.150 Crore and other multiple properties in India.

• He is the second most followed Indian on social media.

Early Life:

Rattan was born on December 28, 1937, in Mumbai, India.

His father, Naval Tata, and mother Soonoo were Parsis.

His grandfather brought him up after his parents separated when he was ten years. Rattan Tata’s grandfather, Dadabhai Tata, founded the Tata Group of Companies in 1968.

The future Scrooge-like billionaire was the son of Naval Hormusji Tata, the first Baronet of the Tata family. His ancestry has been traced back to Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, born in Navsari in 1839. Jamsetji was a Parsi entrepreneur who founded India’s massive industrial empire and became one of the richest men in Asia at that time.


Tata began his career as a clerk in the shipping firm D.B. Dey & Co. in Mumbai (then Bombay) before joining Tata Group in 1962.

During his early years in Tata Group, he was sent abroad to manage the group’s operations in several African countries, including Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

After returning from Africa, he was appointed Chairman of Tata Iron and Steel Company, which he built into a significant player in the industry. He led the group’s diversification from commodities into sectors such as software services and telecommunications.

Personal Life:

Ratan Tata is a bachelor and known for his low-profile lifestyle. He resides in a simple house in Mumbai and drives around in a Tata Sedan.

Earning Highlights:

Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Group, has been awarded the Euromoney award for Asia CEO of the year. Ratan Tata was conferred with the prestigious Euromoney award for “Asia CEO of the Year-Manufacturing” at a glittering ceremony held in Singapore.

The award win comes as icing on the cake as they have already bagged the Indian Business Leader of the Year- Manufacturing and Corporate Governance award.

Real Estate:

He owns real estate worth Rs. 150 Crore and other properties in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

1.Is Ratan Tata married?

No. He is a bachelor.

2. How many companies does Ratan Tata own?

He owns 30 companies. All the companies have diversified and offer different products and services.

3. Where does Ratan Tata live?

He lives in Mumbai India.

4. Does Ratan Tata have a son?

No. He does not have any children since he has never been married.

5. Is Ratan Tata a billionaire?

Most of the money he makes goes to philanthropy. Since his main goal is not money, he is not a billionaire. However, the Tata group of companies is worth a lot of money.

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