Peter Jackson net worth

Peter Jackson Net Worth

Peter Jackson Net Worth: $1 billion

What is Peter Jackson Net Worth?

Peter Jackson is a New Zealand-born producer, director, and writer with a net worth of $1 billion. He is widely recognized for his award-winning films The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit trilogy, which have grossed over $6 billion on DVD and at the box office.

Peter made $180 million from The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. Before making it big with LOTR, Peter had been making movies since the mid-1970s. Among other directing credits, he has included “King Kong”, “Heavenly Creatures”, and “The Lovely Bones.”

In 1993, Peter and his wife Fran Walsh established a VFX firm- Weta Digital to aid with the effects for the film Heavenly Creatures. The couple remained the majority owners till November 2021 after they flipped it to a 3D game-development firm at $1.65 billion.


– Net worth of Peter Jackson: $1 billion
– Full Name: Peter Jackson
– Date of birth: 31st October 1961, 60 years old
– Gender: Male
– Birth Place: Wellington, New Zealand
– Height: 169 cm.
– Profession: Film Director, film producer, and screenwriter
– Nationality: New Zealand

Key Facts:

– Peter Jackson is the father to 2 children- Katie and Billy and the husband to Fran Walsh.

– He has 2.1M Facebook followers and 296k YouTube subscribers.

– He loves playing tennis and volleyball.

Early Life:

Peter Jackson was born on 31st October 1961 in Wellington, New Zealand. His parents were England emigrants and raised him in Pukerua Bay, a coastal town in New Zealand.

He showed interest in film while he was growing up. He made his own brief films with his pals using a Super 8 cine-camera gifted to him. He left school at 16 and secured a full-time job at the Evening Post, a Wellington newspaper as a photoengraver.

He maintained the position for 7 years and lived in his parents’ home to save up for film equipment.


Jackson made his first film-“Bad Taste” over several years. The film featured his friends, who used to act for free. With funding from the New Zealand Film Commission, he was able to complete the film. Other subsequent films he has directed include;

  • Meet the Feebles (1989)
  • Heavenly Creatures (1994) and
  • The Frighteners (1996)

Personal Life:

The net worth of Peter Jackson was guessed to be $370 million in 2009 when he bought a Gulfstream G650 private jet. The jet which has a capacity of 18 people is strong enough to fly from the United States to New Zealand without any refueling stops.

Jackson also owns more than 40 airworthy World War I-era war jets. He is an aviation enthusiast and houses his collection of warbirds at Hood Aerodrome, New Zealand.

Peter’s partner is Fran Walsh who is a film producer, lyricist, and screenwriter. They have 2 children together. Jackson resides in a $5 million mansion in New Zealand.

Earning Highlights:

Peter Jackson bags an estimated salary of $41 Million yearly. His monthly income and salary is estimated at $4 Million

Real Estate:

Jackson resides on a $5 million mansion in New Zealand that features a private lake.

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