Mimi Faust Net Worth

Mimi Faust Net Worth

As of 2022, Mimi Faust net worth is roughly $2.5 million.

What is Mimi Faust Net Worth?

Mimi is best known for acting in a renowned television show program, VH1’s “Love & Hip hop Atlanta.” She earned her spot by being the girlfriend of producer Stevie J, one of the most successful and popular hip hop producers for having worked with renowned names in the industry like Lil Wyne, P Diddy, and Jay-Z. She is also a businesswoman and author.

Celebrated NameMimi Faust
Real Names
Oluremi Fela James
Date of Birth
3 January 1972
50 years old

TV personality
Business Woman
Marital Status
Mimi Faust Net Worth
$2.5 million
Last Updated
February 2022

Early life

Mimi Faust, whose real name is Oluremi James, was born in Newport News, Virginia, on January 3, 1972.

Her mother, Olaiya Odufunke, was an active Scientologist which meant that Mimi with her brother and sister spent their childhood years immersed in the African culture in Atlanta.

At eight years old, Mimi’s mother signed a billion-year contract which led to her being taken away from her home, her brother, and sister, and normal life to being committed to the study and practice of Scientology.

This meant the change of her life forever because of the rigid routine, schedule, and practices with very little family time which made Mimi demand an out.

After refusing to join her mother, the church accused her of being a freeloader, thus being torn away from the family and left in the streets to fend for herself. After being torn away, Mimi turned to some of her friends who could help her finish school.

Soon after, at the age of 16, Mimi looked for her brother and sister, which led to the discovery that she was a result of an affair her mother had; thus, they didn’t share the same father.

The urge to find her father overwhelmed and drove her to look for him, and soon after, he found Him, in upstate New York.

She developed a good father-daughter relationship with him, but unfortunately, her father died in 2014.


Mimi’s career kicked off in 2003 when she appeared in several music videos such as “Its gonna rain” by Kelly prince and “Frontin” by Pharrell William featuring Jay Z.

She soon founded a cleaning service, Keep it Clean Inc., based in Stone Mountain, Atlanta. The company offered cleaning and interior design services to the homes of celebrities. She managed her business for some time and was off the screen until 2012.

In 2012 Faust joined “VH1’S “Love & Hip hop” with her then-boyfriend Stevie J, a record producer.

In 2014 her sex tape with her boyfriend by then Nikko London was leaked by a pornography company known as Vivid Entertainment. This led to a scandal famously called “Scandal in Atlanta .” The tape was nominated for the AVN Award as the Best celebrity sex tape but lost to Tila Tequila. At first, Faust lied that her home had been Vandalized and some of her things had been stolen together with the video, but later on, she admitted that the tape was staged, but out of it, she made $100,000.

Personal life

During their time together, Faust and Stevie J had a daughter, Eva Giselle. It’s rumored that at the peak of Stevie J’s career, his worth was about $20 million but was mismanaged to the extent that he became close to bankruptcy, but Faust was crucial in helping her boyfriend back to his feet. Despite all that, Stevie was unfaithful to her, which led to them splitting, and after that, Stevie married a fellow Love and Hip-hop castmate Joseline Hernandez.

She then dated WNBA player Tamera for five years and even got engaged during the pandemic but broke up recently because Mimi didn’t want to be married.

Born on January 3, 1972, Mimi is 50 years as of today. Her weight is 59kg, and her height is 1,73m tall.

Earning highlights

Most of Faust’s income came from the part she played in the show program “Love & and Hip hop,” She reportedly earned $20000 in each episode she featured. She also owns various businesses and does some writing. It’s key to note that her relationship with Stevie J boosted her publicity.


Mimi Faust is a television personality, businesswoman, and writer who gained tremendous popularity for staring on the VH1 program “Love & Hip Hop.” She first appeared on the program as a girlfriend to Hip Hop producer Stevie J.

Interesting facts you should know about Mimi Faust

1. Currently, Mimi Faust is not dating after recently breaking up with Tamera “Ty” Young.

2. The real name of Mimi Faust is Oluremi Fela James.

3. Mimi has a daughter, Eva Giselle Jordan, who is currently 13years old.

4. Her Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

5. Mimi featured in Pharrell’s “Frontin” video.

6. Mimi shared a room with Claudia Jordan in the early 90s. And at some time, they were even arrested together.

7. She breastfed Eva for 3years.

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