Michael Bivins Net Worth

Michael Bivins Net Worth

Michael Bivins Net Worth: $40 Million

What is Michael Bivins Net Worth?

Michael Bivins is a top American artist worth at least $40 million. He was one of the founders of the pop group New Edition. Michael was born in 1968 in Boston.

Over the years, the group has gained popularity for releasing several hits such as Candy Girl. The band is celebrated for paving way for New Kids. Bivins has worked with MC Brains and 702.


• Net worth: $40 Million

• Full Name: Michael Lamont Bivins

• Date of Birth: August 10, 1968

• Gender: Male

• Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S

• Height: 5 Ft 6 in (1.68)

• Profession: Singer, Rapper, Composer, and Record Producer

• Nationality: United States of America

Key Facts

• Earns 6.47 Million a year

• Owns Biv 10 Records

• He has an expensive house on a hill in Roxbury

• Has more than 540,000 followers on Instagram

Early Life

Bevins is a well-known singer and rapper born on August 10th, 1968 in Boston, Massachusetts. His mother is Shirley Bivins. Michael has an elder sister Tanya Bivins. Tanya was raised alongside her brothers in Boston, Massachusetts.


Bivins started New Edition group in 1978 which later released their first album in 1983. After the group broke up in 2004, he formed Bell Biv DeVoe together with Ronnie DeVoe and Ricky Bell from New Edition.

Until now, they have more than five million copies sold worldwide. As a writer, he has worked in several TV shows and movie soundtracks.

Personal Life

Michael Bivins is married to his long-time wife Teasha Bivins. Together they have 4 daughters Savannah, Shilah, Starlah, and Sanaah Bivins, and one son Michael.

Michael Bivins is active in various social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. On his social media accounts, Bivins often posts motivational and humorous posts.

Earning Highlights

With a net worth of more than $40 Million, Bivins has been earning more than $6.2 Million in a year. For instance, he made a record $500,000 from selling albums in one day back in 2015.

Real Estate

Michael Bivins owns a three-story home in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He has been living in the luxurious house since 2013.

Michael Bivins Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Michael Worth?

The American artist has an estimated net worth of $40 Million.

Does Michael Bivins have a Son?

Michael Bivins and Teasha have a son, Michael Bivins Junior.

Who is Michael Bivins?

He is a manager, rapper, producer, and the founder of New Edition.

Who is Michael Bivins Married to?

Michael Bivins is married to Teasha Bivins. Teasha and Bivins got married in 2006.

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