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 Martin Kove Net Worth

Martin Kove Net Worth: $2 million

What is Martin Kove Net Worth?

Martin Kove is an American actor and martial artist. He is best known for The Karate Kid in 1984, playing John Kreese. Martin played the role of the headteacher of Cobra Kai Karate Dojo.

He also played the same position in Karate 2 and Karate 3 and the 2018 television series Kobra Kai and first appeared on Tv playing minor roles before landing any major role. He has been an active actor and featured in several thriller and action movies.

Kove is a strong-featured and narrow-eyed guy. In his acting, he plays both the roles of a good and bad person.


– Martin Kove Net worth: $2 million

– Full Name: Martin Kove

– Date of birth: March 6, 1946, 75 years

– Gender: Male

– Birth Place: Brooklyn New York, United States

– Height: 185 cm

– Profession: Actor, Martial Artist

– Nationality: American

Key Facts

  • Martin Kove is Famous for playing the role of John Kreese in Karate Kid.
  • Kove has been in the acting industry for more than three decades and still plans to continue.
  • Martin has a young and robust-looking physique which unbelievable considering he is 75 years old.
  • His Nickname is Marty.
  • He is 75 years and enjoys a healthy vegan diet.

Early Life:

On March 6, 1946, Martin Kove was born and raised in Brooklyn, New york. He was born in a Jewish family and must have been Jewish when he grew old. He grew up alongside his parents in a middle-class family. Kove went to Valley Stream Central High school for his secondary education. He is an engineering alumnus from the Ohio State University.


Kove kickstarted his acting career when he made his first debut in the film Women in Debut in 1971. Much recognition came when he starred in Karate Kid as John Kreese.

He carried on the same role in sequels Karate Kid 2 and 3. Appearing in the Youtube web series Cobra Kai made him more famous. Apart from movies and Tv Series, he has appeared in commercials. Most of his wealth is attributed to his acting career.

Personal Life:

Martin enjoys maintaining a healthy Vegan diet considering his roles on TV and in martial arts. He was married to Vivviene Kove from 1981 to 2005 when he filed for divorce. He has two children from his marriage: Jesse Kove and a daughter Rachel Kove.

Earning Highlights:

Since entering the entertainment industry, Marty has made millions from commercials and films. He made appearances in some of the most famous films. His net worth is currently estimated at $2 million.

Real Estate:

Much is not mentioned concerning his estate or properties. All said is his net worth is estimated at $2 million.


1. Who is Martin Kove?

He is an American actor and martial artist famously known for John Kreese in Karate Kid.

2. Was Martin Kove in the military?

Nothing is mentioned about him being in the military. He is known for acting and martial arts.

3. Does Martin Kove have Parkinson’s?

No, Martin is not mentioned to have any health problems but is described as a man who maintains a healthy lifestyle.

4. Is Martin Kove still alive?

Yes, Martin Kove is alive. He is 75 years now, very healthy, and in good shape.

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