johnny weir net worth

Johnny Weir Net Worth

Johnny Weir Net Worth: $4 Million

What is Johnny Weir’s Net Worth?

Johnny Weir is a former figure Skater and a popular sports commentator. Johnny is famous for his unique style on and off the ice.

Although he has no Olympic medal in his name, he is one of the most famous and successful sports personalities.

Over the years, Johnny Weir has been featured in different TV programs across the world. Currently, he is a sports commentator in Olympics competitions.


  • Net worth: $4 Million
  • Full Name: Johnny Garvin Weir
  • Date of Birth: July 2, 1984
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Place: Coatesville, PA
  • Height: 5 Ft 9 in (1.68)
  • Profession: Figure Skater, Actor, Film Producer
  • Nationality: United States of America

Key Facts

•Johnny Weir earns $224,000 in a year

• He owns Atlanta Auto Star

• Johnny has a historic house built in 1836

• More than 600,000 followers on Instagram

Early Life

Johnny was born on July 2, 1984, in Coatesville. He is the eldest son of Johnny Weir and Patti Weir.

His father is a plant engineer while his mother works in a nuclear plant.

Johnny’s father has a Norwegian heritage.

Johnny Weir has a brother who is four years younger than him. They were raised in Connecticut in New London.


Johnny Weir began skating when he was only 11 years old. He won gold five years later at the World Junior Championships.

In 2004, Johnny’s career as a skater continued to shine when he won his first US Skating Championship.

He successfully defended the highly regarded title for two years. Two years later, he emerged as a star by winning Winter Olympics in Italy.

Personal Life

Johnny Weir was married to Victor Voronov in 2012 but they divorced in 2015.

In their highly publicized wedding, the couple exchanged vows in the presence of their loving parents. Victor is a lawyer and graduated a few years ago from Georgetown University Law Center. Victor and Johnny have no children.

Earnings Highlights

Johnny Weir earns an estimated $740,000 as a skater and $224,000 as an actor.


Is Johnny Weir Married?
No, Johnny and Victor Voronov got divorced in 2015.

Where Does Johnny Weir Live?
Johnny Weir lives in Pennsylvania.

How Much is Johnny Weir Worth?
Johnny Worth is said to have an estimated worth of $4 Million which is spread in assets and real estate portfolios.

Is Johnny Weir Still on Dancing With the Stars?
Johnny Weir was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars in 2012.

Are Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski Married?
Johnny Weir is not married to Tara Lipinski. He was the bridesman at her wedding.

Where is Johnny Weir From?
Johnny originates from Pennsylvania, United States.

Does Johnny Weir Speak Russian?
Johnny Weir is fluent in Russian.

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