El Mencho net worth

El Mencho Net Worth

El Mencho net worth: $1 billion

El Mencho net worth is $1 billion from January 2022; he is among the most wanted criminals in the world. His name became popular due to the illegal businesses he has been involved in for years now.

He is believed to be intelligent, cunning, and intelligent; it has been confirmed that he uses no technology for communication. Instead, he uses men to pass messages within his operations. 

What is El Mencho’s net worth?

El Mencho’s net worth is expected to be $20 billion; his real name is Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes. He was born on July 17th, 1966, in Aguadilla, Michoacán, Mexico, and now he is 56 years old.

He was born and named Reuben, a name he later changed to Nemesio Oseguera to honor and remember his grandfather. He weighs 84kgs and has a height of 5’8″. El Mencho is a Mexican, and he is known as the most powerful Mexican drug lord, and he is the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

Key Facts:

• El Mencho is not on any social media platform, and he does not use technology when making any form of communication

• He is reported to have built his private hospital

• No one knows how much El Mencho makes per year, but it is believed to be a lot of money from his illegal activities

• He was first arrested at the age of 19

• He is the top Mexican drug dealer needed by almost every country


He started by joining the Milenio Cartel, and he also became a member of the assassin squad that offered protection to the drug Lord Armando Valencia Cornelio. However, in august 2003 his boss got arrested, and he started stealing, but he generally does all the bad stuff in the community.

Every country is looking for El Mencho; in 2018, PGR announced that they would offer MXN$30 to anyone who could provide any information that could lead to his arrest. However, he has always succeeded in fooling the authorities all these years. In the same year, 2018, the authorities arrested his wife for laundering money, but later she was released on a 1.5 million pesos bail. However, she is still criminally charged and is looking forward to facing charges.

Early life

He was born and raised in one of the low-income families where his earliest occupation was cultivating avocadoes. He was born with five other brothers; Abraham, Marin, Juan, Miguel, and Marin.

He is not educated, and he dropped out of the fifth class in primary school, where he wanted to go and work in the fields. After some years of working in the fields, he later migrated to the US in California in the 1980s. He started changing names to sometimes use Ruben, Avila, and Miguel Valadez, among many other names.

After some time, he started stealing things and began walking with a loaded gun, but he got arrested at 19 years old, where two months later, his wife gave birth to his firstborn son. He was released, and after some time, he was arrested again after he was found selling narcotics, but he later got out. 

Personal life

El Mencho is married to Rosalinda Gonzalez Valencia, and they have three kids together, namely Laisha, Reuben, and Jessica Johana. In 2017 the spouse filed the protection against prosecution, which was successful.

Where the filling clearly stated that she could not be prosecuted not unless the criminal charges were brought up against her. In May, she got arrested, and she was prosecuted for managing the cartel’s finances.

His daughter was also arrested when she went to Washington DC to visit his brother, who got arrested for trafficking drugs in the US.

Earning highlights

He earns his money from drug trafficking, and he is known to be the most powerful Mexican drug Lord; all his money has been earned through illegal activities.

He has trained young men to help him communicate with his unknown clients, most of El Mencho’s life has been private, and no one knows everything about him precisely. He built a private hospital of his own sometimes back.


1. What does el mencho mean?

This is a nickname that Nemesio Oseguera chose to use; El Mencho is a Spanish phrase derived from Nemesio’s phonetic meaning and derivation. In English, it is translated as “The Mencho.”

2. Where was el mencho born?

El Mencho was born on 17th July 1966 in Naranjo de Chila which is in Aguililla, Michoacán, Mexico. 

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