Dalton Gomez Net Worth

Dalton Gomez Net Worth

Dalton Gomez Net Worth: $ 20 million.

What is Dalton Gomez Net Worth?

Dalton Gomez is a 26-year-old man who works as a luxury real estate agent. He works at the Aaron Kirman Group in Beverly hills.

Dalton was born and raised in Southern California and is currently married to Ariana Grande since May 15 2021.

Dalton is a veteran in the luxury real estate business, having worked for five years.


– Net worth: $ 20 million

– Full Name: Dalton Jacob Gomez

– Date of birth: August 7 1995, 26 years.

– Gender: Male

– Birth Place: Southern California

– Height: 174 cm

– Profession: Luxury real estate agent

– Nationality: American


Dalton works as a luxury real estate agent, and through selling some multi-million dollar properties, he has been able to accumulate his wealth.

He is only 26 years old and has worked as a luxury real estate agent for five years.

Dalton is on social media but does not have a very large following but has many celebrity friends.


Dalton was born and raised in South California. His birth name is Dalton Jacob Gomez. He went to Citrus Valley highschool, a private school in Redland, California, and was raised alongside his two siblings.

His father is also a real estate agent, and his mother is a homemaker. He also holds a University Degree from the University of Southern California.


Gomez started his real estate profession at Luxury Real Estate Market. He worked for Aaron Kirman Group for three years as the operations manager. He still works at Aaron Kirman in Beverly Hills and is the sole buyer’s agent. Dalton has worked with high profile clients in the US, making him one of the most popular real estate agents.


Apart from being a Realtor, Gomez was active in sports and is a good dancer. He is currently married to Ariana Grande since May 15, 2021. They had a private wedding with only 20 guests and later went on a honeymoon in Amsterdam.


Dalton’s main source of income is his job as a real estate agent. However, his income is highly boosted by his commissions from selling multi-million dollar properties.

He earns between $20,000 and $100,000 as a real estate agent. Life & Style estimates that he takes home between $38,000 and $250,000 for every property he sells.


As a real estate agent, Dalton has sold many multi-million properties that have helped accumulate his wealth. He has access to many real estate properties, and one can easily acquire property through him.


Dalton Jacob Gomez is a luxury real estate agent who has sold multi-million properties. His net worth is estimated at $20 million as of 2022 and is expected to increase over the years as he makes more sales.


1. What does Dalton Gomez do?

Dalton works as a luxury real estate agent at Aaron Kirman.

2. Where is Dalton Gomez from?

He comes from Southern California, where he was born and raised.

3. Where does Dalton Gomez live?

He lives in Montecito, California, with his wife, Ariana Grande.

4. What is Dalton Gomez Instagram?

You can find him on Instagram @dalton_jacob

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