Barry Weiss net worth

Barry Weiss Net Worth

Barry Weiss Net Worth: $10 million

Barry Weiss is an American reality TV star and a professional storage-treasure hunter who has a net worth of $10 million. You are not to confuse him with the reporter who has a very similar name or the music producer with the same name too. This Barry Weiss rose to be the eccentric superstar of A$E’s smash hit series “Storage Wars”. He appeared in this show from 2011 to 2013 and again in 2021.

On that show, Weiss’ character name was “The Collector” because he had a big collection of treasured antiques.


– Barry Weiss Net worth: $10 million.
– Full Name: Barry Weiss.
– Date of birth: 11 February 1951. 70 years old.
– Gender: Male
– Birth Place: New York, United States.
– Height: 1.68 m.
– Profession: American music executive and producer
– Nationality: American

Key Facts:

The disappearance of Barry from social media after the end of his reality TV career suggests that he might have hired someone to run all his accounts.

– He only appeared in the spotlight in four seasons and a lot of the content that features Weiss is reruns.

– He was married a long time before he became famous. His ex-wife is not known.

Early Life:

Barry Weiss was born in 1951, on February 11. Hy Weiss, his father was an entrepreneur who had his roots in the music industry. You cannot completely summarize Dot Top and Rock ‘N’ Roll music genres without mentioning Hy Weiss.

Barry Weiss went to Cornell University for his college education.


Before he became a reality star, Weiss together with his brother were making fortunes in the produce business. Weiss spent over 25 years creating a wholesale produce business.

Later, he retired and started focusing on storage hunting. The established undertaking helped Barry to retire and spend some of his years touring the world.

Once Barry was tired of traveling the world, he returned home and started to use his multi-million dollar net worth to indulge in collectibles and antiques.

Barry disclosed that the reason he did not make as much money as his co-stars in Storage Wars was that he kept most of what he won.

Personal Life: 

Barry owns an impressive collection of high-end cars that have been reported to be worth approximately $500,000.

He is also known to arrive in any new function in a new vehicle. Barry’s most famous vehicle is a 1947 Custom Cowboy Cadillac. The car has also been seen frequently on “Storage Wars”

In 2019, after he seriously injured himself in a motorcycle accident, he was hospitalized and underwent several surgeries. He was released from the hospital close to two months later. While he was recovering from the accident, he was doing a voiceover job for his gig as spokesman for Sherwood Valley Casino.

Though Barry is divorced, he has two adult children; a son Zack and a daughter Julie. He is the godfather to Jesse James who was a host in the reality show “Monster Garage”.

Earning Highlights:

Barry’s collection of high-end cars is clear evidence that he is a car lover.

He also owns a mansion worth $1.8 million in Beverly Hills

The reason he did not make as much money as his counterparts is that he ended up keeping whatever he won, unlike his counterparts.

Real Estate: 

Weiss owns a mansion in Beverly Hills in an exclusive Laughlin Park neighborhood. The mansion is worth $1.8 million. This property was built in 1928.


1. Is Barry Weiss still alive? Yes, Barry Weiss is still alive.
2. Is Barry Weiss married? Barry Weiss is divorced with two children.
3. Does Barry Weiss have a store? Yes. He owns a store.
4. Is Barry Weiss still on storage wars? No. Barry Weiss left the show while in season 4 to pursue a different thing.

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